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I understand that I will be billed per YEAR to have access to the One Drop Club (formerly Team Vitality) with Jen O'Sullivan. If I choose to cancel my subscription, I understand that I will no longer be able to use any imagery or content from this program. 

I also understand that I will be removed from the Facebook group when I cancel, but will continue to have access to the content through the VitalityEDU.com content until my membership expires. I understand that I must have an active subscription to remain in the Facebook group and will only cancel my membership on the date closest to my renewal date if I want to remain in that group until the end of my subscription. 

I understand that this is an online group led by Jen O'Sullivan and is not sponsored by Young Living. Jen is a leader with Young Living as an independent Brand Partner. I also understand that the trainings and education are for educational purposes only. I understand that Jen O'Sullivan is not a medical doctor and is under the same FDA compliance regulations with regard to Young Living products as we all are. I agree to never comment spam (posting comments that are advertising or trolling) and never post any outbound links in the comments or I may get removed. I agree to not post assumptive advice and if I make any claims that I will back it up with actual scientific data. I agree that if I do post something from my own experience, I will state as such and understand that each person is different and may respond differently. I agree to never try to poach another member or potential customer to a different opportunity or team, and if I do so, I will be removed from all of Jen's groups without warning and without repayment. We view poaching as a serious crime in our community. I agree to be positive in all my communication with all the members in the course, and I agree that if I have an issue I will bring it directly to Jen O'Sullivan ([email protected]). I agree to not share the content in the group. I understand the the content in the course is copyrighted and I will not copy and paste or download anything from the course. I understand that Jen's goal is to teach me so that I may, in turn, share my new found knowledge in my own words. I understand that the content in the course is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any illness or disease. Nothing in this course has been evaluated by the FDA or Young Living corporate. It is a leader distributor run educational group. I agree fully to all of the above statements.

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Get the best in product education and business training plus direct access to Jen and a group of highly educated and motivated team members! Here are just a few things you will get this year with your membership!

Weekly zoom meetings! (always recorded and archived)

  • Get your questions answered!
  • Join Jen weekly as she works through her Naturopathic Doctor classes.
  • Learn how to speak freely while being compliant
  • Become confident in your understanding of oil and supplement use
  • How to become your own best advocate for you and your family's health
  • How to create a solid platform
  • Challenge Slides
  • Personal Growth Goals
  • Positive Verbal Habits
  • Glass Ceiling and Limiting Belief Elimination